The rising popularity of educational loans

Getting yourself enrolled in a reputed university can make a huge difference in your career. Students making such decisions always achieve greater heights in their lives. However, with a strong determination, you will also require sufficient financial backup to pay for your higher studies. Most students, especially in India lack sufficient amount of capital to go for the college/university of their dreams. Education expenses are more than just academic fees, they comprise of a lot of other things as well, such as the cost of books, stationery, accommodation and routine travel charges. It is essential to prepare for this from an early age. You can also opt for educational loans.

Saving for education

Parents always know what is best for their kids and never step back when it comes to sponsoring their child’s education. If your family doesn’t have enough savings, you can ask them to contribute towards your monthly EMIs. Small savings from the very beginning can also help in meeting the financial requirements for higher studies.

Consider borrowing

If you share a good bond with your relatives, you can think of borrowing money from them. Most people hesitate to ask for help from friends and relatives when it comes to asking for capital. They find Educational Loan In India to be a better option as compared to the traditional ways of financing.

Student loans

If the monthly income of your family is low and you have siblings too who are looking out for fundings then it will be difficult for you to finance your education. Not just one, but there are different types of student loans offered by banks and leading financiers.In most of the cases, the student does not have to repay the loan until and unless he finishes his course and gets a suitable job placement. Lenders offer a grace period of minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months in addition to the duration of the course. To take the right decision, you must search for educational loans on the internet, compare the quotes and features associated with the loan that you wish to avail. If student loans are not the right choice for you, you can opt for student grants too.

Student grants

These are popular among students who go abroad for higher studies. These student funding services are offered by both,the government as well as private banks and financiers. Right from the beginning, you should keep a track whether your college offers a student grant or not. Apart from finding out the procedure of applying, you must also find out the eligibility criteria for the same.


Student grants and scholarships are somewhat similar and are offered to students who have maintained an excellent academic record from the start. Students belonging to a lower economic background, who are good in studies, get to enjoy scholarships that finance their dreams. Scholarships are very rare and offered to only a few fortunate and deserving students.To magnify your chances of obtaining a grant/scholarship, it is important to build a good academic record since your early college years.

To avail educational loans, you can also take assistance from a counselor for career oriented study programs and types of loans that are suitable as per your needs.


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